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Block damaging ultraviolet rays from entering your property or vehicle.

Prolonged sun exposure without protection can cause skin damage, eye strain, headaches, furniture fading, and other issues. However, adding UV window tint to your property or vehicle keeps harmful rays outside while maintaining natural visibility and comfortable temperatures inside. As authorized dealers in premium LLumar and IRX thermal films, our team at Magic Tint offers customized solutions to create cooler, more comfortable interiors across Abilene, Texas.

UV Window Tint in Abilene, Texas

UV window tint prevents up to 99% of intense and damaging ultraviolet rays from entering your property or vehicle. The films come in a variety of tint levels, but none will obscure your view. In fact, some UV window tint is clear. No matter what color it is, the film protects skin from burns and aging while preventing damage to your building’s furnishings and vehicle interiors. The Texas sun is good at fading and cracking materials if given the chance. Your car and property are large financial investments, so why not protect them for as long as you can?

In addition to UV protection, UV window tint gives you insulation from infrared heat penetration while letting visible light pass through. When you reflect the intense solar energy, it translates to ambient temperature declines, which cuts cooling bills for businesses and homes. Diffused glare bouncing off the glass from direct sunlight can also hamper visibility, posing hazards for drivers and office workers. UV window tint redirects intense glaring rays, so you can see clearly, avoiding eye strain and headaches.

If you’re looking for knowledgeable UV window tint installation that keeps your property comfortable, protected, and cooler year-round, contact us.