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Get a bubble-free and tear-free car window tint that looks great.

Driving in Abilene, Texas often means you must squint from glare bouncing off the glass or swelter from thermal heat building up inside your vehicle. However, car window tint provides a cooling comfortable bubble that blocks the sun’s intense brightness, heat, and harmful UV rays. Not only is your drive more comfortable, but your car’s interior is also protected from sun damage. As authorized LLumar dealers with years of experience applying car window tint, we want to show you what a huge difference it can make.

Car Window Tint in Abilene, Texas

The car window tint we install blocks 99% of UV rays, preventing damage to your skin and your car’s interior. It can reflect solar energy and heat, so you don’t have to blast your car’s air conditioning. While LLumar sets the performance benchmark for car window tint materials, flawless installation is equally crucial for the look and longevity of the film. Our auto glass specialists meticulously measure and prepare each panel to receive pre-cut film that is wrinkle-free with expert alignment. The process results in bubble-free and tear-free car window tint that looks great for years.

We also advise our customers on current statutes governing allowable tint levels for driver/passenger windows. Our car window tint meets the state’s safety and vision requirements. Avoid tickets and get the coolest comfort and clarity that the law allows. If you want to install or upgrade your car window tint film and enjoy a cooler interior, glare reduction, and UV defense, call us at Magic Tint.