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Upgrade your truck’s comfort and appearance.

Whether you’re hauling cargo or using your truck as a camper, intense sun exposure is the last thing your hardworking pickup truck needs. For the majority of the year, its cabin endures extreme temperatures and glare through large glass surface areas. However, applying truck window tint provides insulation and UVA/UVB defense, improving the quality of your road trip and overall comfort. As authorized dealers of IRX heat-blocking window tint and LLumar, we offer precision installation and legal compliance knowledge, all while upgrading your vehicle’s appearance.

Truck Window Tint in Abilene, Texas

Prolonged solar radiation can damage upholstery and your skin. The truck window tint we apply uses metallic particle infusion, allowing only 1% of harmful UV waves to permeate your vehicle. This keeps the interior crack-free for the long haul while preventing sunburn. In addition to deflecting up to 79% of infrared heat, truck window tint diffuses intense glare responsible for eye fatigue. The tints filter light for clarity while cooling your truck cabin. Dark shades that still comply with state window tint laws add privacy to improve camping comfort.

While using the right tint levels impacts your driving experience, precision-fitting films gives them longevity and durability that can last for several years without bubbling or creasing. For cooled comfort, protected skin and upholstery, and enhanced privacy across years of rugged use, upgrade your truck with window tint installed by our team. Contact us at Magic Tint today to learn more about truck window tint or our other services for customers in Abilene, Texas.